Canidragon Earth
A Child Earth Canidragon
Release Date (Saturday) March 24th, 2012
Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Silver, and Gold
Secondary Resource Dragon Fur

Canidragons produce Dragon Fur as their secondary resource.The Canidragon is as its name suggest, a canine wolf/dog like dragon with the behaviour to match. They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, and although quite small, being on the the smallest of the species, they are quite strong and robust little dragons. They have a thick, soft coat over most of their body, with small horns, and wings, although they are not a strong flyer, preferring to stay on the ground most of the time where they are excellent runners, able to hold a gentle lop for hours on end, with fast bursts of speed when needed.



The Canidragon hatchling is a small soft ball of energy, very playful and loves to play with anyone willing, although often cautiously to begin with when seeing a new face. When all that energy is exhausted, which is pretty quickly, they fall asleep anyho and anywhere! They simply fall asleep where they drop, whether they are on top of another dragon, half handing over their food, if you can think of the most awkward and funniest sleeping position, they have probably done it! Their body has soft fur, the fur around the paws being extra silky soft, and their wings membrane is delicate, fragile looking. This cute bundle of fun will put a smile on anyones face.


The Canidragon wings are starting to develop, appearing less fragile. Being very friendly and sociable, they love to seek out the company of other dragons, enjoying playing, and often the joker of the group while not concerned if they appear foolish. Despite their friendliness, for some unknown reason they seem to show an obvious dislike to Felidragons. Their competitive nature means they really enjoy initiating and joining in games, yet hate to lose to the Felidragons, becoming annoyed and sometimes load in their displeasure.


The athletic teenager is fast at short sprints; its body has become muscular, making it quite heavy for its small size. This brave little dragon can be very ambitious, loving to compete against others often twice its size, almost careless of its own strength and also their weaknesses, and can sometimes be caught bragging of their strength when they win. They cautiously test their wings, which are still under development, and are still too small to support their weight in flight.


The adult's wings are now strong enough to fly, but only for a short time. It can now run longer distances than the teenager and sometimes uses it's wings for gliding. The adult discovered the ability to breathe fire while its fur is slowly getting fireproof. He is proud at looking younger than most of the adults and sometimes acts younger holding a grudge against other dragons when they make a mistake. The adult is now much calmer than the teenager and will be nice if nothing is done wrong.


The ancient's fur is now is now completely fireproof and they can spit fire. They sometimes show off how well they can breathe fire to the younger dragons. Their hearing and smelling isn't as good as when it was an adult but it is still better than that of the other dragons. They are often caught caring for the hatchlings and often relax while the hatchings play. The ancient seems to always be content and is careful of where the hatchlings go so they don't get into trouble.