Dragonadopters has a dedicated group of Administrators, Moderators, and Helpers working to maintain order both in-game and on the site forum. There are a total of 27 staff members between the two sections of the site.
Dragonadopters - Stars - Together copy

Stars located on a staff member's forum posts (depending on rank)

There are six different titles of staff members:

  • Administrator
  • Global Moderator
  • Board Moderator
  • Official DA Helper
  • Official DA Tester
  • Contest Organizer

Here is a list of all Dragonadopters staff members, alphabetically by username:

A - Ayriea

B - Brimstone

C - Chronepsis

D - Darcara, Dinomorph, Draconis, Draconium (Kaa), Dragonwish2

F - Faereluth, frankishsan

G - Grom PE

H - Heimdallx, Hermione

I - Imposter

L - Leorobin, Lonin

M - MiniMe, Morgus

S - Spiffee, spyro27, Sylph

T - Thaz, TheOceansGuardian, TotalDarkness

V - VegaAltair

W - Walkerfire, Wayvern

Click each username to view detailed information on the respective staff member. (Work in progress)