Pterodragon Water 2 Child
A Child Water Pterodragon
Release Date (Tuesday) November 25th, 2008
Elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Silver, and Gold
Secondary Resource Reptile Scales

The lively Pterodragons have a very outgoing manner and when they set their mind to do soemthing they do it with such zeal that you can't help but admire their determination. They are very outgoing and love the company of others, faithful to all that befriend them. They love to fly and their acrobatic activites are often frolicsome as they love to just good around to the amusement of others. Only those people full of energy should adopt a Preodragon, as they can become impatient if you are unable to keep up with their hectic lifestyle.

Pterodragons produce Reptile Scales as their secondary resource.



The playful hatchling is so lively it's rare you will find them sleeping. They only have small tails and a small, beak like mouth. The back and wings have small markings on them, and the wing skin is currently connected to the hind legs making it impossible for them to fly as of yet. This cheerful looking dragon always enjoys the company of others and will happily join in any games the others wish to play.


Their head features have gotten longer, and more chest scales have appeared on the body. They are now able to fly, flying so well that they can often be seen gliding on the air currents playing games, or just goofing around to the amusement of others. They are very outgoing, making friends easily, but impatient with those unable to keep up with them.


The hyperactive teenager Pterodragons are so full of energy that they can still be seen flying into the long hours of the evenings, needing very little rest. Their body development is almost at its maximum, and markings have appeared along the neck area. They are very outgoing, and enjoy the company of any other dragon who is willing to join them in their acrobatic advantures and able to keep up!


The adult Pterodragons have calmed down a little, and are not so hyper these days, but still loves to fly. They can often be seen giving the younger dragons guidance in different aerial maneuvers. The wings have grown, the skin on the wings feeling like strong leather. More markings have appeared on the neck and back area, and more chest scales have appeared on the body. The Pterodragons tail are a lot shorter compared to the other species.


The peaceful ancient Ptreodragons are calmer natured. They only difference in appearance to the adult is their neck, which has become a bit longer. Knowledgable in all aspects of dragon flight, they spend their time guiding the younger generations in their first flying lessons, to the more experienced flying techniques. They've still sistained that humorous streak that the Ptero is renowned for; never shy to amuse the others with a flying trick or two.